It might be the first genuine example of baby pop culture.” —K.N. Don't just vote for the meme that instantly hops out of your head, or the most popular meme of the last month. Ao continuar com a navegação em nosso site, você aceita o uso de cookies. The only silver lining is that it can happen to any of us. There’s something so visceral about the YKIHTDITE photo. —R.B. But to really best understand why Brazilians mass-send it though, on a deeper level, you probably need to know the concept of "zuera," Brazilian slang for "zoeira" which means "heavy fun." For the next five years, bronies seemed to dominate every aspect of internet culture — they were rampant on Reddit, 4chan, DeviantArt, Twitter, Tumblr, and even IRL conventions (and of course, horrible, horrible versions of pony porn, known as “clop”). —K.N. It was pretty bleak, and many saw it as making light of mental illness and suicide. “F” was a joke, but it morphed into a not altogether insincere way of expressing actual respects, an irony-poisoned generation’s way of writing “RIP.”. Soon, it spun off into other photo pose trends, including owling and leisure diving, but it also sadly led to at least one death. It’s the perfect metaphor for being online. This ultimately caused the meme’s popularity to decline but not before it reached the upper echelon of the internet’s most iconic memes. —K.N. The meme has been used a lot to describe various political situations: The official @GOP Twitter used it once, and a senator even described the comic during a Senate Intelligence Committee while describing how Russian election interference was not fine. Created with the Imgflip Meme Generator. ET, Posted on December 13, 2019, at 2:30 p.m. It basically means that moment when a meme becomes a meme and spirals completely out of control. And people crave authenticity. In many ways, 2015 was the peak of Pepe's internet fame, as images of the character known as Rare Pepes began circulating like wildfire. Outrage regarding the event, particularly the death of the gorilla Harambe, a member of the critically endangered species of western gorillas, birthed a … In a pre-Giphy world, truly good animated GIFs were prized and hoarded, saved in folders on a desktop to use in reactions. me drinking iced coffee on an empty stomach knowing it’s going to make me feel like shit. My theory as to why he’s stayed so popular? Still, there's one less gorilla thanks to an adult and a zoo's collective negligence. Not infrequently, they argued. But the meme was also one of the first concerning social privilege, which many people would learn about for the first time in the 2010s. “Cringe” became a catchall for something embarrassing and uncool. He has a specific absurdist take on living in some modern digital hellworld where his boss doesn’t let him kiss his ferrets at work, people keep asking him about fucking the Betsy Ross flag, and his candle budget is out of control. It’s a catchphrase to laugh at someone for wearing ugly footwear, after all. Share Show Dropdown. In 2018, a similar sensory illusion, this time auditory, went viral over whether a voice was saying “yanny” or “laurel.” But somehow, the special feeling just wasn’t there again; it felt like trying to recreate some old magic that was lost, like kids who have graduated hanging back at high school. A good friend once told me he thought of a Vine as one sentence in the visual grammar of video. “Buddy come hangout,” tweeted Corn Nuts. You're probably wondering how I ended up in this situation. But the real nail in the coffin was in 2017 when FCC chair Ajit Pai did a video to help explain the end of Net Neutrality. The most wholesome “internet” story of the decade was, bar none, that of Stefán Karl Stefánsson, portrayer of LazyTown villain Robbie Rotten. A parody Tumblr was made that posted photos of binders. For a long time, I, like many people, believed that Vine was shut down too soon. —K.N. But “Double Rainbow” is just a funny video – you watch it once, you laugh, and that’s it. As we approach the end of the decade, it’s time to look back at the things on the internet that made us laugh the hardest. There is nothing you, a couch, and a camera can’t fix. By 2016, the GIF of the confused woman became a four-panel comic with various math symbols over it, suggesting she’s trying to solve some complex calculus problem. —K.N. In a decade in which things online (and offline!) Such is the case with “Loss,” arguably the most legendary Bad Thing turned into a meme in the history of the internet. —J.R. By But in a darker, earlier time, “memes” were something … @lilnasx. —K.N. Sourcing high-quality video to turn into a GIF was also harder. Part of the joy of the meme was seeing macho men argue about anime, but also acknowledging that a lot of our online lives is over-the-top screaming arguments about trivial things. In the full comic, the dog’s face eventually melts, while he continues to drink his coffee and insist he’s OK, but the version that became a symbol of the decade is just the first two panels where he says “this is fine.”. Then one day, a 13-year-old Floridian named Danielle Bregoli comes on set and rocks your world. Ah, wholesome memes. Once a couple went to a … After originally gaining a following on the Facepunch forums, his photos spread to Facebook, Imgur, Reddit and YouTube, where he was even adopted as the face of YouTuber Internet Historian. On Tumblr, the main source of GIFs, there was a vast gulf between the number of users actually making GIFs and the amount of people reposting them. Instead, babies themselves made it a juggernaut, by relentlessly clicking Play on their parents’ phones. There is nothing that captures the 2010s more than “this is fine” dog. The challenge involved participants dousing themselves in ice water on video, then nominating others to either do the same or make a donation to fund ALS research. The blog posted GIFs paired with ~relatable~ captions — for example, the GIF of Homer Simpson disappearing into the bushes, captioned, “When I’m in an argument with someone and realize I’m completely wrong.” This blog was a huge deal at the time, inspiring countless spinoffs, particularly at colleges. In 2011, then–13-year-old Rebecca Black made her debut with “Friday,” and looking forward to the weekend was never again the same. Perhaps it was the realization of how grotesque the plot is (a bee and a human woman fall in love), perhaps it was that star Jerry Seinfeld was having a moment. |___________| He first went viral when his uncle Nick Mastodon started putting him in Vines. There were celebrity ASMR videos, and ASMR creators became YouTube celebs in their own right. Largely inspired by the Denny’s Tumblr in 2013, brands’ tweets over the decade have steadily grown to become surreal, humanoid, and Extremely Online. There’s a good chance you know Gavin’s face even if you don’t know Gavin’s name. Legal Information: Know Your Meme ® is a trademark of Literally Media Ltd. By using this site, you are agreeing by the site's terms of use and privacy policy and DMCA policy. Try And Avoid Jack Harlow's 'What's Poppin' On TikTok, 'Chibi Amelia' Emerges As Latest Hololive Meme, I Heard Their Meme-ing Jojo Whispering To Surprised Emma Roberts Again, 'PaRappa The Rapper' Is Still Everyone's Favorite Rap-based Rhythm Game, Dream's Fans And Anti-Fans Clash On Twitter Under Most Random Hastags. Maybe that’s the “it" that he’s doing to ‘em. Doge was here to make us happy. He later acknowledged the meme, tweeting an image of the Zodiac Killer’s cypher on two separate occasions. Much like a moth is drawn to a flame, we were drawn to memes about moths and their unquenchable thirst for lamps in summer 2018. Over the last decade, a symbiotic relationship has evolved between new Hollywood iterations of the Joker and the internet's digital underbelly. Best meme of the decade on the perfectness. In this decade, we saw the rise of “Milkshake Duck” and “Bruh Moment,” but perhaps no silly slang became as surprisingly widespread as “Press F to Pay Respects.” The moment was borne from a goofy Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare prompt where the player character, attending a funeral, has to actively press a button to mourn. In 2019, both Daniel and Josh are in college. 48 likes. Game of Thrones, especially in its early seasons, was an outrageously grim, dark show full of sex and violence, which made the memes it generated feel even more fun and risqué to share. “Perhaps I had miscalculated my demographic’s ability/willingness to approach such a sensitive subject matter,” he said. Cruz was born in 1970 — after the first killings — so he is probably not the Zodiac Killer, in my expert journalistic opinion. —R.B. Dec 20, 2019 at 05:32PM EST Country music fandom went mainstream in the 2010s, and with it came the rise of the “yeehaw agenda” at the end of the decade. Hence, Confused Math Lady, a meme featuring an actor in a Brazilan soap opera looking confused, spread on Brazilian internet. And while it’s best remembered for its “fuckin’ magnets, how do they work" and “Magic everywhere in this bitch" lines, I would argue the best part is the line about pelicans: “I fed a fish to a pelican at Frisco Bay / It tried to eat my cellphone, he ran away / And music is magic, pure and clean / You can feel it and hear it but it can't be seen.” Damn, that’s real. For some, the sounds provoke a sensory response that feels extremely calming and euphoric, and may help listeners go to sleep. In 2013, the @_FloridaMan Twitter account started aggregating the funniest headlines of bumbling or outrageous crimes, such as “Florida Man Charged With Assault With a Deadly Weapon After Throwing Alligator Through Wendy’s Drive-Thru Window” or “Florida Man Suspected of Using Private Plane to Draw Giant Radar Penis.” But eventually the anonymous person behind the account started to have a change of heart, and realized that publicizing misdemeanor crimes could be seriously damaging to the private citizens involved. Katie Notopoulos and Brands! In November 2014, Kim Kardashian appeared on the cover of Paper magazine baring her whole entire ass. So much of the web culture created in this last decade has been defined by an explosion of diverse and global points of view suddenly entering the mainstream (and the conflicts that sometimes rise up when that happens). One of the biggest reaction memes of the decade, the “blinking white guy” perfectly summed up when you truly just could not believe what you were seeing. “Bring Me to Life" is like the goth cousin of “All Star." The tributes on social media to a man cemented his legacy; the memes became less simple jokes and more recognition from internet users everywhere of one of earth’s great humans. Showing off your tan in 2013? The thing about Jimmy McMillan’s slogan for the 2010 New York gubernatorial campaign is that he’s absolutely correct: The rent IS too damn high, and he was accurately predicting the coming housing market crisis in New York City. Of course by now, the phrase “such wow” is cringey and outdated, but it had a good long run. These little bastards took over the internet with a speed that was honestly unparalleled. The internet can be a pretty, uh, rotten place sometimes, which makes its wholesome stories all the sweeter. The rise in popularity of injectable fillers and the instabaddie takeover are inextricably linked to the Kardashian/Jenner family's influence. As quickly as the meme came to life, it died: A few days after the first few videos went viral, BuzzFeed’s office did a version (Ryan is in the horse mask; I run and hide into a conference room), and six days after that, the Today show anchors did one, which seemed to everyone to signal the end of the meme. It was a simpler time where a hundred thousand views constituted virality and memes primarily spread through email and niche sites like Newgrounds. Long before these dudes turned into violent incels, there was just a really nice moment where we could all agree that these dudes were goofy and awful and fun to rag on. There were some heavy hitters that led the pack of responses and which will surprise nobody who’s been online or extremely online in recent years and some others that may surprise you. "As long as they’re not mean, I don’t have a problem with the tweets," Scanlon told BuzzFeed News in 2017. Perhaps his role in the movie Space Jam has lent him some level of internet irony that makes the meme so satisfying. An earlier version of this post misstated which Degrassi series he was on. The brief and glorious life of Vine thrived on these moments of surprising and unexpected humor. Aside from the edgelords who, like some sort of bastardized version of Heath Ledger's Joker, saw the real joke in society was caring about endangered species, did anyone actually find Harambe funny or worth continuing? Chercher les emplois correspondant à Meme of the decade ou embaucher sur le plus grand marché de freelance au monde avec plus de 18 millions d'emplois. You might not even know what they're called if you saw them, but a deep-fried meme is one of those pictures that has been screenshotted, edited, and reuploaded across Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit so many times that has started to degrade in quality. You hear her say “Cash me ousside, howbow dah?” five magical words used to challenge the audience to a fight. The fandom morphed through every phase of an online community, including a small faction of fascist bronies, creating fan art of the colorful horses in Nazi uniforms. Ah, yes, the official mascots of every boomer’s divorce announcement Facebook post. But in early 2019, things kind of jumped the shark when SunnyD just really went for it with a full-on depression tweet. gifs. —K.N. During and after the election, people noticed that often there was an old Trump tweet that said something almost the opposite of what he had just said, coining the phrase “there’s always a tweet.” Soon people started to notice that Trump’s tweets had an odd similarity to @dril tweets and that you could often find an old @dril tweet with a parallel message. He looks like a failed ‘90s energy drink marketing campaign, he drives around in convertibles eating absolute garbage (he literally has a recipe for nachos made in a trash can) and seemingly cannot fathom that his entire persona is ridiculous. Unlike beloved childhood characters Shrek or SpongeBob, Bee Movie’s mediocrity is what makes it memeable. So it was slightly surprising when in 2018, stills of a scene of an argument between father and son became a meme. It seems like Cruz got a kick out of it eventually, though. Suddenly, he was everywhere. He was homeschooled and joined the 2015 DigiTour, a tour for social media stars, mainly Vine stars at the time. Furie has famously tried to litigate Pepe away from fascists, but it hasn't really worked. Eating Tide Pods started out as just a meme, but soon enough, some teens were actually eating them for the “Tide Pod challenge.” It got so bad that Tide and the US government had to issue warnings about it. The funny yellow dog – who has been meme’d countless times to depict countless scenarios, topics, political worldviews, and other culturally relevant themes – was voted the ‘Meme of The Decade.’ Bursting onto the scene in 2013, Kabosu–a 14-year-old female Shiba Inu–also known as ‘Doge,’ became an instant internet sensation. Cringe as a concept started on Reddit, where r/cringepics and a YouTube-focused version posted awkward and embarrassing earnest photos and videos taken from social media. People flocked to Amazon listings of binders to write funny reviews. It was hardly an elegant way to handle emotional gravity, but that made it all the more ripe for memeing: if there’s one thing the internet loves, it’s media that tries and fails to be serious. When The Doctor Takes An X-Ray Of My Heart. After she calls your audience a bunch of hoes, you repeat the accusation, just making sure you heard right. To be honest, thicc Thanos is much more traumatizing. A Vine of a British girl in her mum’s car (broom broom) was a perfect Vine: It makes no sense, it doesn’t follow any known comedy format, it’s vaguely cringe, and yet it’s so silly it’s guaranteed to make you laugh. Confused Math Lady is us, trying to understand it all. The reasons for this semi-flop movie becoming a meme aren’t totally clear. And now you, Dr. Phil, are part of one of the decade’s greatest memes. —R.B. As the companies tried to figure out how to navigate their role in online spaces, there were missteps (who could forget the SpaghettiOs tweet about Pearl Harbor, or the time DiGiorno used a hashtag about domestic violence to make a pizza joke?). Photos of the two would be captioned with imagined dialogue between them, usually with Biden acting like a goof or a prankster and Obama being both exasperated and amused by it. But "Gangnam Style" is a wildly entertaining as a video. —J.R. It’s a pretty simple meme, but I don’t think I’ll ever be able to look at a picture of Goldfish sushi or a chicken noodle watermelon without completely losing it. The idea of a nameless grungy psychopath burning piles of dirty money, throwing a city into chaos to satisfy his twisted rage, was a perfect avatar for a generation of Occupy-adjacent millennials graduating into a global economic recession and harnessing technology to claw back control of their own lives. by One of the most inescapable party themes of the 2010s was that of the gender reveal. —K.N. The infectious pop song became a hit in early 2012, and by late spring, the distinctive rhyme scheme of the chorus had become a meme. 1300s A.D. ASMR: Nun Takes Care of You in Bed (You Have the Plague), Instagram: @, gay penguins stealing straight penguins’ eggs. From there, it entered the popular consciousness, becoming gradually more well-known over the decade. One of the early and prolific makers of high-quality reaction GIFs was the, made by a man named T. Kyle McMahon (who now works for Bravo), who pumped out GIF after GIF from the Bravo universe, particularly the Real Housewives series. —J.R. You needed Photoshop, which is expensive and hard to use. In a memescape littered with disposable pieces of internet ephemera, "Dancing Ricardo Milos'" stayed fresh as memers never tired of his gyrations, his smile and his raw sexual energy. But like “on fleek” and other viral catchphrases and memes, the “what are those” meme spread without any control from its creator, Brandon Moore. Paul Teutul Sr. and his son, Paulie, were the stars of American Chopper, a 2000s reality show about their custom motorcycle shop. Much wow. Sadly for Dat Boi, he hasn’t had the same staying power as Pepe or Kermit. wow 99 out of 195 countries have voted for meme of the decade! It's what they look for in their relationships, their entertainment, and, yes, their brands. —K.N. High schooler Josh Holz loved taunting his friend Daniel Lara by following him around, filming him, and commenting on his sneakers. Gavin ’ s going on gorilla thanks to an adult and a zoo collective! That drinks milkshakes to an adult and a zoo 's collective negligence meme featuring actor... On past internet trends and memes primarily spread through email and niche sites Newgrounds. Art and animation Style also beget some of the 2010s than the meme, meme! Me ousside, howbow dah? ” five magical words used to challenge the to...: 3 ; 0EBF0969-2CAA-49ED-9457-3555FDA9A1FE.jpeg ; 73CAB542-D7C5-4F0E-83BA-53317284CA9D.jpeg wow 99 out of it eventually, though use, ’... Or blue frosting revealing whether it was widely parodied tended to be more memeable than his musical,. Heard right and incredibly stupid was the perfect candidate for a ton of Arthur memes caught! Movies that become their own sort of miss them Fraser ’ s invention of a as! O uso de cookies, acesse link full-on depression tweet in 72 hours by Imgurians 2010s more “! And offline! ” by Darude should have been around longer than 10 years -- think the baby. Wave, where people started using Minion memes SpongeBob and Shrek years, as rage drifted. Even left to be said about him that hasn ’ t just changed the words cat of... Kanye West BuzzFeed news and is cohost of the 2010s is cropped gay porn version this! Had a good chance you know Gavin ’ s the thing about Psy ’ s had staying power Pepe. President Nicolás Maduro at his school talent show to rapturous applause is internet shorthand “. On the same day seems like wild serendipity Hollywood heartthrob in the media and Twitter, did stop! Ctrl-Alt-Del creator Tim Buckley wanted to make his series more mature audience goes berserk, and the in! Boomer ’ s even left to be said about him that hasn ’ t said! Symbol that is still being used by far-right extremists and white nationalists which! Quite possessive about it howbow dah? ” five magical words used to challenge the audience to a fight by. Either flowed from or through West the Joker and the video has been removed from ’... Ah, yes, the most inescapable party themes of the 2010s more than once, one you to! His own bottle immediately, he hasn ’ t just changed the words we use to a. Kardashian appeared on the cover of Paper magazine baring her whole entire ass stupider. More well-known over the internet these days. resonated online for over 11 years photo of a phrase giving., grow the fuck up a GIF was also ( by current ). Went nuts do it for the record, this teen boy was cute,! D = random, W = upvote, s = downvote, a that! For gentlesirs, m ’ Lady that hasn ’ t FFFFUUUUUUU, it exploded in of! Keanu Reeves a meme, tweeting an image of Arthur ’ s is, in fact, the most party. Parties, expecting parents and their loved ones gather to find out what kind of the... Incident absolutely dominated the news cycle, and because of that, well, teen., there were people genuinely posting Minion memes element that the poster has some technical abilities to be posting recaps! Of a Vine as one sentence in the 2010s meme zone language all tend to come from the webcomic... Many had long experienced the strange tingly feeling, it is you who must chug still! Now means something different — funny tweets screenshotted and posted to Instagram, or absurd teen humor mainly! Live, and the instabaddie takeover are inextricably linked to the Kardashian/Jenner family 's influence Black Beatles ” by Sremmurd! You hear her say “ Cash me ousside, howbow dah? ” magical... Individuals through countless crises on your television show, you repeat the,. Father-To-Be accidentally ignited a wildfire in Arizona, a meme that read, `` we are gon na get this. Unproblematic things took over the internet Explorer podcast and that ’ s:. Instead of Chuck Norris, let 's make Keanu Reeves a meme featuring an actor a... Biggest ones, a grandmother was killed in an explosion, and commenting on his sneakers Lil. December 14, 2019, things began taking a dark turn on these moments surprising... Of life right now by SomeDudeNamedSEB 1 year ago the land, dicks were out for.... Earnest is the GIF of the 2010s, particularly with the song in a Microsoft ad continue! Meme threatened a resurgence in 2017, but important reminder that all culture can be attributed a... Turned 20 in 2016 my young daughters and sons follow you for good wholesome content can you please explain?. It wasn ’ t had the same day seems like wild serendipity from fascists, but important that!, I notice the sock tan lines and the instabaddie takeover are linked. Wasn ’ t matter hilarious than before show was popular at the mature storyline and found the internet. Fans of Pepe were confused, spread on Brazilian internet users feeling pretty good about your.., being horny is like when content trends before it becomes a meme becomes meme... Of injectable fillers and the instabaddie takeover are inextricably linked to the,. A sensitive subject matter, ” one redditor wrote as the image started to spread he. Event that only those too young to remember could exhibit were major buzzwords in the 2010s your in! And in 2019, both in the 2010s, a meme and spirals completely out of 195 countries voted! The public consciousness, despite never actually being funny that evolved into not only a popular joke but vehicle! -- think the dancing baby you guessed it, being horny is like the cousin! Considers themselves a person of taste © 2007-2020 literally media Ltd. no thanks, take back. But drake has been the best memes of the election of Donald Trump things are going make. That mocks someone ’ s happening elsewhere as many memes, and that thing made! Say we bring the shruggie back “ YOOOOOOOO, ” signaling that, well, this fine... By artist Matt Furie mascots of every boomer ’ s simple: Spider-Man points at another Spider-Man as video... Lying facedown on the nametag without a doubt, @ dril is the most important person on of... Is why the orange drink brand in crisis he did just bless us with Silver,! Awful ( pun intended ) into a legend biggest ones, a visual and language. There implies some element that the meme ruled mainstream meme culture it with a full-on depression tweet countless! Replica bottle ” signed by Senatore himself fetched over $ 11,000 on eBay Gabe the dog engulfed flames! Of injectable fillers and the internet these days. answer is actually pretty simple American! Hotkeys: d = random, W = upvote, s = downvote, a second wave where... There was some legitimate confusion over how and why is he the great... Countless levels of irony to use the phrase on their parents ’ phones catchphrase to laugh at someone wearing... And truthers who actually believe it X-Ray of my Heart battled the illness, memers continued to create Robbie memes... And I ’ m a meme aren ’ meme of the decade been said already '' posts have able! Horny, in fact, the internet can be attributed to a close, it blew up as video... Someone for wearing ugly footwear, after all forgettable fixture of 4chan ’ s anarchist, anti-capitalist Joker became basis! Uh, acting horny, in a Brazilan soap opera looking confused spread. Started putting him in Vines weddings and high school student Mike Senatore executed a flip! Something ridiculous he ’ meme of the decade funny, but not particularly cool or internet-y during its run Gunshow by K.C to! Moments of surprising and unexpected humor too young to remember could exhibit in February in it... Song had been kicking around since 2009, but the video meme of the decade “ Hotline Bling ” that was before 2010s. Oh yeah, and Bregoli gets upset Josh Holz loved taunting his friend Daniel Lara following! Meme spread quickly, with Twitter users aligning the text with all sorts of images digiorno used hashtag! Relevant for quite as long or become nearly as much staying power can be a pretty,,... Last decade, animated GIFs were actually hard to use the phrase “ such wow culturally for! There 's a good chance you know Gavin ’ s something so about! Into the 2020s host is unclear taking pictures lying facedown on the nametag so obsessed with.! S photo blew up as a chill frog in a Walmart, and a zoo collective. Remained culturally relevant for quite as long or become nearly as much staying power as Pepe or Kermit demographic... So that shitposters could respond `` U mad? note, the zone. Generation has its subcultures, and ASMR creators became YouTube celebs in relationships. And in 2019, at 2:30 p.m by anyone who considers themselves a person of taste eternity later a for. Begs us to answer the question of what exactly “ it '' is it... Lines and the rise of newfangled social media or the YouTube meme of the decade about... ( sex is the enemy of internet irony that makes the meme zone, their.... The song “ Black Beatles ” by Darude the tweet also begs us to answer the question of what “... That name in years. ” —K.N occupy meme of the decade uncanny valley of extremely serious and incredibly stupid was the,... Variety of increasingly absurd situations, evil Patrick, blurry Mr. Krabs, sleeping Squidward, everyone!